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Complete Services for Your Scuba Cylinder Needs
Air FIlls, Visual Inspections, Hydrostatic Testing, Valve Rebuilds, and Tank Cleaning

Safe, convenient fills using our Nuvair Coltri Americas compressor

We can fill all scuba cylinders that are current in terms of both hydrostatic (five years) and visual inspections (one year).  Tanks are filled to working pressure up to a maximum of 3500 PSI.

Believe it or not, air fills are still only $5 at the Anchor Shack!

SCBA Cylinders

The Anchor Shack has the necessary fittings to fill most SCBA cylinders for commercial applications.  The cost for filling SCBA Cylinders is $10 per fill.

Paint Ball 

The Anchor Shack only fills paint ball cylinders that have "standard" scuba valves (Yoke or DIN).  Many of our paint ball clients use a high pressure scuba tank to fill the reservoir on their gun.  We are happy to fill your tank up to maximum working pressure or 3500 PSI (whcihever is lower).  All tanks must have evidence of a current visual inspection (within one year) and hydrostatic test (within five years).

Ask us about the benefits of using a 3000 PSI Aluminum 80 cubic foot tank to fill your gun.  We have used tanks for sale starting at $100.

Scuba cylinders require routine maintenance in order to remain in service.  The Anchor Shack provides all of the services necessary to keep your tank in safe operating condition.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Valve maintenance and Tank cleaning


Visual Inspection Services

Scuba cylinders need to be visually inspected once a year.  The tank is drained and the valve is removed.  The tank is then inspected to identify any potential issues including:

  • Faulty or out of compliance valves
  • Damaged valve threads
  • Evidence of sustained load cracking in the neck
  • Rust and corrosion (internal and external)

Upon completion of a successful inspection the tank valve o ring is replaced, the valve is reinstalled,the tank is filled and a new evidence of visual inspection sticker is attached to the tank.

The total cost of a visual inspection is $20 ($15 for the inspection and $5 for the fill).  The process can usually be completed in one day.

Hydrostatic Testing

Once every five years a scuba cylinder needs to undergo hydrostatic testing.  The tank is placed in a containment device and filled to 5/3 of working pressure.  Measures of the extent to which the tank expands and recovers are taken.  If the tank is  within acceptable parameters it is stamped with a new inspection date and returned to service.  Tanks that are not within acceptable limits are condemned and removed from service.

Some aluminum cylinders also require a supplemental test called an "Eddy Current Test".  This additional test checks for visually undetectable cracks.

When you bring your tank in for hydrostatic testing we will drain it, remove the valve and send it to a certified testing facility.  They will test and return the tank with a new hydrostatic date stamped into the tank (or a notice of condemnation if it fails).  Once we receive the tank back from testing, if it passed we will perform a visual inspection, affix a new evidence of visual inspection sticker, reinstall the valve and fill the tank.  The total cost of these services is between $60 and $80 depending on whether an Eddy Current Test is required.  

  • Hydrostatic Testing: $40
  • Eddy Current Testing: $20
  • Visual Inspection: $15
  • Tank Fill: $5

 Please allow apporoximately one week for testing.

Other Services

Other services offered at the Anchor Shack include:

  • Tank valve servicing and rebuilding
  • Cylinder tumbling to remove rust and corrosion
  • Conversion of tank valves from Yoke to DIN (or DIN to Yoke)

Call or come by for an estimate.